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The birch was necessary planted near the houses, people tried to surround the village by protecting belt of birches, as they believed that birch spirit can guard against cholera and another diseases. The birch was planted near the gate... more

The patent for the invention of means for prophylaxis of flu

Birch World

"Birch World" is the research-and-production laboratory, which with the help of high-technology production manages to educe the extract from the top layer of the birch bark - unique natural complex protecting human health with the natural power of nature.

Birch bark extract

The birch bark extract is a healing extract, which for centuries was used in treatment and in a life; it is organic, balanced natural combination of various curative natural connections - Betuline, Betulinic acid, Lupeol, etc.

The received product the dry birch bark extract is the sum of natural compounds, Betulinol is the basic substance its content in the extract is not less than 70 %.

Just Betuline, contained in the top layer of a birch bark (protective substance of the birch, which makes its trunk in white color), is basic working biologically active substance of the extract.

More detail about structure of Betuline and Betulinic Acid


The researches conducted in the leading institutes of the country, have shown, that the birch bark extract - a natural vegetable extract, has a lot of unique properties:

  • Adaptogenic and immunomodulating activities
    The extract facilitates the adaptation of an organism to various adverse factors, including such as: the polluted environment, stresses, physical and intellectual loads, work on harmful manufacture and weatherdependance.
    The extract raises protective forces of an organism and so the organism copes with illnesses itself more easily. Besides the extract facilitates current of illness and does not give complications developments.

  • Antioxidant and antihypoxic activities:
    The extract reduces to a minimum the harmful influence at a long radiating and solar irradiation, pollution of the environment by harmful substances - a tobacco smoke, exhaust gases, use of pesticides and preservatives, at application of chemotherapeutic means, etc.
    It neutralizes the action of the superfluous free radicals, which result in fast ageing of an organism, immunodeficiency states, cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases.
    The extract promotes increase of stability of an organism to oxygen insufficiency.

  • Hepatoprotective, detoxic, hypolipidemic activities:
    The extract protects cells of a liver from damages by various chemical substances.
    The extract promotes the neutralization and removing of harmful substances from an organism.
    The extract improves a condition of vessels, makes them elastic and promotes improvement of a blood-stream.

Antioxidant, antihypoxic and hepatoprotective activities of the extract open opportunities of application of the extract in sports medicine, where the problems of hypoxia and huge loads on a liver connected with amplification of a metabolism are very actual.

  • Anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activity:
    The extract, due to natural anti-inflammatory properties of the birch bark - reduces an inflammation and hypostases.
    The extract - removes signs of an allergy: an allergic rhinitis, lacrimation (a hay fever), appearance of skin rash, etc.

  • Antimutagen and anticancer activities
    The extract reduces the risk of occurrence of changes in the human hereditary mechanism.
    The extract warns occurrence of cancer cells.

  • Antiviral and antituberculous activity
    The extract helps an organism to struggle with viral infections. During the autumn - winter period reduces the risk of flu disease.
    The extract suppresses the tuberculosis activator, helps to avoid disease at close contact to patients. Facilitates current of illness and reduces time of treatment.

  • Temoleptic activity
    The extract improves mood.

More detail about profits of birch bark extract



Phytopreaparation, having a full complex of biologically active substances contained in a birch. It consists of the birch bark extract, birch leaves and chaga (a birch mushroom)



Phytocomplex for the prophylaxis and complex treatment of tuberculosis. It consists of the birch bark extract, the Icelandic moss and Origani cretici.



Biologically active additive for the prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

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